ዌብሳይት በመክፈት ከ 1000 በላይ ሰብስክራይብ ማግኘት | Create Google website And Enhance YouTube Subscribe & watch-time

by    SEO   Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

ዌብሳይት በመክፈት ከ 1000 በላይ ሰብስክራይብ ማግኘት | Create Google site And Increase YouTube Subscribe & watch-time

Hi my name is Basliel Elias. today i will show you how to get many views and subscribe using google site.
How To Promote YouTube Channel Videos With Google Sites

Making money with Google Sites has become a very popular topic, and so has the topic of making money with YouTube.

Monetization is definitely possible for both Google Sites and your own YouTube channel when you do them correctly, and since they are both owned by Google, it becomes a lot easier to combine the best of both worlds where you can earn money with both Google Sites and YouTube.

In part 6 of this How To Make Money With Google Sites series, base app tube puts together many of the steps discussed in previous videos to talk about how you can use Google Sites to promote your YouTube channel videos.

Especially because Google Sites has extremely strong SEO power, by leveraging on the Google Sites one page site method Simon Leung had previously disclosed in detail, you will also be able to bring a much stronger promotional presence to your YouTube channel and videos.

Moreover, base app tube explains some of the reasons why many of his YouTube videos also rank extremely high in the Google search results, along with real-life example you can see for yourself.

Whether you are interested to use Google Sites to make money by generating affiliate income or marketing your own products or services, what base app tube reveals in this video, as well as the entire Google Sites playlist series, will help you tremendously.

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