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by    Backlinks Services   Friday, July 19th, 2019

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Hey, today I’m going to share with you some of the best social media sites for Backlinks that can help your affiliate business and to make money online.

The first product I purchased to improve my affiliate marketing was Backlink Battleplan by Shaun Mchlough.

With those tools I could get nearly any webpage to the first few spots in Google. I was using blog networks and article spinning. That was 10 years ago.

The reason Google took off as a search engine was because they looked at who was backlinking your page that you wanted to rank.

Before Google everyone was stuffing keywords into there webpage.

Now things have changed and Google has cracked down on backlinks. You can’t really game the system like you could many years ago using black hat seo tactics. This is why they really cracked down on backlinks.

Now, some people recommend email blogs begging for a link back. It just is not as productive as focusing on the end user.

Here is an example with YouTube videos the more people who click on your video and continue to watch it the better the rankings will be.

Now, everyone creates custom thumbnails, so more people click on their video and they can rank. Whatever makes your thumbnail stand out, will probably get it more clicks.

If people comment, like and share your video this also can help.

Same thing with a blog or article. Everything should be for the end user because they vote and this tells Google who should be ranked 1 or 100.

Of course it also comes down to supply and demand. If you are targeting keywords, where there is this massive supply then it’s going to be hard to compete.

If you are targeting keywords that don’t have a lot of competition then it’s going to be easier. This is economics 101.

It’s better to go after keywords that are not very competitive and you know your video or article will get seen. All you have to do is make sure the keywords are in the title and a few sentences in your description and tags.

If Backlinks don’t work for ranking a blog, article or video should someone still do it? If that can increase the eyeballs on your content then yes.

One of the best places is Pinterest because it’s a search engine in itself. Reddit can be another great one because there are over a million subreddits that you can advertise into.

You just have to be careful and each place has there own rules. Those are 2 big places another one I recommend is Yahoo question or Quora.

You answer a question and then link back to your content. Twitter is something I definatly use. There is a right way to do Twitter and wrong way.

There are a few social bookmarking sites that can help, but I don’t go crazy with it.

Digg, Bibsonomy, Google Bookmarks, Tumblr and Plurk to name a few. There are a lot more, just realize they are probably not going to do a lot to help your post or video to rank. I do it because it only takes a minute and it might help, but probably doesn’t.

Focus on the end user, which is what Google and all the websites are focusing on and you will do better.

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