10 Fast Methods To Get Backlinks That Will Get You A Lot Of Site visitors Too

by    Backlinks Services   Thursday, February 5th, 2015

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Looking for more backlinks? But what you really want is traffic right? Here’s the best of both worlds. 10 easy ways …

Tip #01 – Look for commonly asked questions. In forums. In your niche. Answer them on your site. Post a link on the forums.

Tip #02 – Start answering questions. On Q&A sites. Like Quora. Link back to your site. When it makes sense.

Tip #03 – Make a small donation. To charities in your niche. And get a link on their donor page.

Tip #04 – Look for blogging communities. Like Blog Engage. Submit your blog posts there.

Tip #05 – Leave comments on relevant niche blogs. That use the Comment Luv plugin.

Tip #06 – Give testimonials. For products that you are using and enjoy. Give vendors a link to your site.

Tip #07 – Use HARO (Help A Reporter Out). It’s a great way to get links from authority news sites.

Tip #08 – Create some infographics. And submit a link to infographic directories.

Tip #09 – Spy on your competitors. And see where they’re getting their backlinks.

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