10 Widespread Website positioning Errors Rigging your Google Rating

by    SEO   Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

10 common mistakes that are rigging your Google ranking

The most common SEO mistake

keyword stuffing
In order to be ranked in google for a certain keyword, your page must speak about this keyword. If you want to be in the top Google results for the keyword “Red shoes” you must speak and show red shoes on your page. If you write that you have shoes in many colors, it will not be enough to rank for ‘red shoes’. You have to specifically mention that you have ‘red shoes’ in order to show up in search engines specifically for “red shoes”.
Same content on different pages

another SEO mistake to avoid
Sometimes companies feel the pressure. They need to produce a lot of content and can end up running out of ideas. This sometimes results in a lot of repeated content. Some may be intentionally repurposed, others get stuck in a lot of similar content about the same topics.

Static content
no updates are another common mistake
In order for Google to visit your website regularly, you need to grow your content and keep your blog updated with fresh content regularly.
Even your website pages, which are often considered complete and never changed could be rigging your SEO performance.
Your pages also need to be refreshed from a technology perspective. Make sure your pages are mobile-friendly and contain no flash or other outdated technology.

Content without a plan is a bad idea for SEO
The way you group your content helps Google classify and understand your website topics better. This means that if you just produce your content weekly or on the fly and don’t have an overall plan, you could be rigging your chances of ranking for your posts.

Using the wrong keywords
As professionals we often use terms, acronyms and expressions that the average person in the street may not know.
You need to find out what they’re really looking for in order to get them to visit your website. Being on top of Google for keywords nobody is using, is a complete waste of money.

Creating your website first and then attempting to SEO it
It is usually much cheaper to create an SEO-ready website from scratch so if you’re still in time, do not create your website before speaking to an SEO professional to get your keyword research done. Your SEO strategy needs to come first because you need to build or adjust your website based on a keyword-validated strategy.

Lack of regular content is bad for SEO
If you create content and then abandon it from time to time, it will give Google the signal that you have outdated pages and don’t keep your website as fresh as you could. This will make Google rank you lower.

Lack of SEO performance monitoring
Monitoring will show you what is working and especially what isn’t. You need to monitor to understand how Google is interpreting your SEO signals. With SEO there is no one-size-fits-all. Your competitor’s behaviour and changes in Google vis-a-vis the tech you’re using will affect your rankings from time to time. Monitoring is key.

Skipping Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
Never skip your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. Your website should allow you to enter these for every different page. If it isn’t, you will have a problem ranking. Google needs to know what your page is about and this is the best place to provide a explanation.

Missing Inbound links. Who’s linking to your website?
Inbound links from other other websites to yours will bring you potential clients. As other websites will most of the time make sure that links added to their website are really about a related topic and it adds value for their readers. Google uses this as a reference and takes advantage of the human control of the link.

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