10 (with 5 FREE) website positioning Hacks for #OpenCart

by    SEO   Friday, August 16th, 2019

SEO Module URL can solve these 10 SEO issues for free
UPDATE! Since 2020 we have decided to make SEO Module URL commercial. For over 3 years we kept it free for everybody to download and use and we are proud we were able to offer this to you guys. But the times are changing and we do not have this possibility anymore. Thank you for your support and understanding.

The first 5 SEO hacks will stay free and you can get them from SEO Module FREE

The 6-10 SEO hacks will only be available in SEO Module URL.

UPDATE 2! If you still would like to get it for Free, I will personally email it to you if you just write a comment under this video asking for it.

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1. 0:11 Missing .htaccess file
2. 1:02 Missing robots.txt file
3. 1:40 Defining Target Keywords
4. 3:50 Fixing invisible reviews for Google bot
5. 4:26 Missing h1 tag name on the search page
6. 5:12 Fixing SEO URL duplicate content
7. 6:42 Adding subdirectories for languages
8. 7:34 Adding SEO URLs for custom pages
9. 8:48 Bulk generator for SEO URLs
10. 10:31 Editing SEO URLs with Excel

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