14 Fast Backlinks Indexing Suggestions By Shaz Vlog | Rank Quick in Google 2020

by    Backlinks Services   Friday, September 18th, 2020

These 14 quick backlink tips will help your backlink to be indexed in google 2020 very fast.

Tips 1 – Facebook
You can index your backlinks by posting your link on to the Facebook page to get it index

Tips 2 – Youtube
In this simply upload any video on to youtube channel and insert your backlink URL into video description to get it index fast.

Tips 3 – Instapaper
After you sign in to Instapaper simply click on the add link and paste your link in the box and then submit, by this method you have a 90% chance for quick index from this site.

Tips 4 – Flipboard
In this site there is an easy method to get your backlink/backlinks quick index, just refer to the video.

Tips 5 – Mix
Click on the mix button and paste your web/backlink URL into the box and submit to get it index rapid.

Tips 6 – Diigo
This is kind of bookmarking sites, so click on bookmark icon top right side and paste your backlink URL to get it easy indexing.

Tips 7 – Tumblr
In this site, you can index your backlinks in 2 way, no.1 click on the link tab and insert your backlinks ur and 2nd click on text icon insert content and from the content, you can make anchor text to get your backlinks to be indexed in google fast.

Tips 8 – Pinterest
So, here what you can do is, simply click on create a pin, and after click on save from website, here you have to paste your backlink url and select the image after add the title and description and then click on create a pin to index backlinks fast in google.

Tips 9 – Reddit
Here you can add you backlink URL and click on the post to get your backlink to be indexed in the google quickly.

Tips 10- Bitly
In this site, simply create shorten URL and the add the title and click on save button, after that you will find share button, click on it, and it will share you link from here to twitter for tweets to get your backlinks index.

Tips 11 – Twitter
Refer to tips 10.

Tips 12 – Google Book Mark
Refer to tips 6 to get ur backlinks index in google.

Tips 13 – Active Search Result
This site is directory submission site, so register to this site with your Google account and submit backlinks URL to this web, kindly note here you can submit only 40 backlink URL, after that you need another Gmail account to index ur backlinks URL fast in google.

Tips 14 – Google Docs / Google Sheets
Please refer to this video to get your link index in google fast.


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