14 web optimization Ideas for Ecommerce Web sites in 2021

by    SEO   Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

14 SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites

Tip no 1
Duplicate, auto generated pages is a common issue with most popular Ecommerce Platforms like Woocommerce and Magento.
Keep a check on Duplicate pages using Tools like Siteliner and Screaming Frog. Use robots.txt file to block such pages.

Tip no 2
If your website has a lot of product pages with limited readable content, consider adding reviews, product FAQs, product specs etc .
Thin pages with very limited content are not valued by ranking algorithms.

Tip no 3
Optimize your website’s appearance and performance for Mobile Devices.
More than 65 percent of Ecommerce Traffic is from Mobile. Speed is an important ranking factor in Google.

Tip no 4
Use Google Pagespeed insights tool to Optimize your website’s performance for mobile as well as desktop.

Tip no 5
Reduce your bounce rate by adding product videos, Live chat Option on your websites.
Low bounce rate is important to retain users and boost ranking further.

Tip no 6
Used compressed Images, along with relevant keyword-rich image names and Alt text for better ranking in Image Search.
Compressed images also help to improve load time.

Tip no 7
Use short, keyword optimized urls for important pages like products, categories, sub categories etc.
Short URLs perform better in Google. Avoid special characters like equal to or question marks in your URL.

Tip no 8
E Commerce Sites tend to have 100s of pages. Use tools like Screaming frog regularly to identify issues such as broken links, broken images, 404 pages etc.
Also keep a check on technical issues reported by Google webmaster console.
It’s important to fix these issues regularly.

Tip no 9
Ecommerce Sites need to optimize their Category and subcategory pages with Keyword rich content.
Simple Techniques like Accordion could be used to organize content without hampering user experience.

Tip no 10
Rich Snippets must be used to enhance Search Listing and display rating, reviews etc in Google Search results.
This also helps to Boost CTR and improved CTR leads to better ranking.

Tip no 11
IF you are planning to revamp your Ecommerce website consider trending technologies like PWA or Progressive web app for better performance and faster growth.
Brands like Flipkart have been able to grow their organic traffic considerably by implementing progressive web app.

Tip no 12
Consider using CDN solutions like Cloudflare along with a reliable hosting provider to boost your website performance.
Server Performance is critical to perform well in Google Search and also to improve user experience.

Tip no 13
Backlinks are very important to rank higher. Use tools like Ahrefs or SEM Rush to analyze competitor backlinks and acquire links from high DA websites.

Tip no 14
Ecommerce sites need to focus their SEO efforts more on Category and Subcategory pages since in most cases product pages are active for Short term.
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