5 Ideas Confirmed To Increase your IB Grades (43 level and Oxford grad)

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5 Ideas Confirmed To Increase your IB Grades (43 level and Oxford grad)

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You need these tips from Alex!

You probably are confused about IB right now. You’re in tough times, it’s not easy to contact your teachers, your friends or anyone really. It’s also close to exams, and you’re probably wondering what will happen next. Well, I brought on Alex Zouev, a graduate of IB who scored 43 points, authored 9 IB guidebooks, and tutored over 300 IB students. You’ll learn how Alex got these scores, and what you can do right now to improve your grades.


1. Aim for Full Marks on your IA
2. Build smarter IB relationships
3. Learn how to use the internet
4. Do as many Past Papers as possible
5. Do not treat the ‘bonus’ points as a bonus

You can get your copy of The Secret Art of Passing the IB Diploma on Amazon:
https://amzn.to/2YxtKsZ (Note, I do NOT get any monetary compensation as a result of you purchasing this book)

For more information about Alex, check out www.ibtutoronline.com
Alex’s other IB books can be found on www.zouevpublishing.com

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