5 website positioning Tricks to Enhance Your Web site Pages Load Time Vlog 13 – Nova Options

by    SEO   Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Five tips on what needs to be done to increase your website pages load time. Page speed is extremely important to achieve high Google rankings while performing SEO.
It is one of the things that
Google looks at when deciding where to rank your website amongst the search results. First and foremost, your database that is utilized on the website should be optimized for loading time.
Another element that slows down your website is the presence of various tracking codes and plug ins. One should see how these effect the speed of the website and try to eliminate and or limit their use.

Various Cache plug ins increase the loading speed of the web page once it loaded the first time. This prevents the visitors browser from having to load all the data on the web page once again when visiting the website the second time.

Furthermore, content delivery network are utilized in order to increase the overall loading speed, including the first time as well. They essentially duplicate and keep the files from your website at a localized cloud server which due to proximity has a faster loading time.

Lastly Google provides us with a tool, Page Speed Insights, which allows the analyses of the loading speed of your webpage. One should be aware of what it is in order to make the necessary changes if it is too high.

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