6 Backlink Constructing Strategies in 2020 | Tyler Horvath

by    Backlinks Services   Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

In 2020, backlinks are as important as ever for ranking high in Google and getting loads of free traffic.

But the days of building spammy and un-relevant links are over.

Say goodbye to blog comments, forums, article directories, and PBNs.

Your focus should be on creating high quality and relevant backlinks from a wide variety of sites.

Hey there, My name is Tyler Horvath and in this video, I am going to show you the top ways to get backlinks in 2020.

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Ok, now that we have that out of the way, here are the best ways to get backlinks in 2020.

1. Statistics Post

The first way to get a large number of backlinks to your website is to build a statistics page or post.

To build a statistics post, just collect 50-100 statistics about your industry or product. Reference all of the sources of the stats and then share it.

When someone comes across your post, they will often reference your page (instead of the sources page) when they are using the statistics in their content.

I was able to generate hundreds of backlinks to my website using this method.

I was even able to get backlinks from sites like Neil Patel and sprout social.

2. Create Free Tools

Building free and useful tools can help build high-quality backlinks to your tool and website.

What in the hell is a tool?

Well, it can almost be anything really, as long as it solves a problem for a decent-sized audience.

For example, if you are an SEO company, you can create free keyword research tools, or a schema generator tool.

These types of free tools that provide value can generate a ton of great backlinks.

You don’t even have to build the tool, you can hire someone on Upwork to build the tool for around $100-$500 dollars.

It’s well worth it as backlinks usually cost around $100 to acquire or build. So as long as you get more than 5 backlinks from it, it will give you a good ROI.

To find ideas for tools, you can use a keyword search tool like Ahrefs and simply search for ‘tool’. This will give you some ideas of free tools to create in your industry.

3. Brand Mentions

The next way to build backlinks in 2020 is brand mentions.

Brand mentions are when someone mentions your website or business but does not link to you.

You can use tools like Ahrefs to find potential brand mention links.

Simply reach out to the websites mentioning you and ask them if they wouldn’t mind adding a link to your brand.

Most of the time, they will be happy to add a link since they are mentioning your brand.


The next way is called HARO.

HARO stands for help a reporter out and its a website that allows media publications and sources to connect.

For example, could be writing an article about CEO’s sleep schedules and asking for quotes from CEOs.

You can sign up for free and submit an answer along with your website URL, business name, and sometimes even a headshot.

If they choose to feature your answer, you will get a backlink when they publish the content or article.

The great thing about HARO is that they have all different categories so you can build backlinks to almost any industry.

If you want more information on HARO, check out my previous video about how to get unlimited backlinks with help a reporter out.

I will also add a link below so you can easily access it.

5. Quora

Quora is another great way to build backlinks in 2020.

Their traffic has grown to almost 100 million organic visitors a month.

Yes, I’m sure all you SEO pros have heard of answering questions in quora and linking back to our own content in order to get a backlink.

But did you know that you can find high traffic and high domain authority questions on quora that will provide much better results?

You can use Ahrefs to find higher traffic questions that can help build awareness of your content.

6. Vendor Testimonials

Another great way to build backlinks to your website is to write testimonials for your vendors.

Testimonials are a great way to build brand trust so many businesses use testimonials on their website to increase conversion rates and trust.

So you can actually write testimonials for all your vendors and get featured on their site, where they will link back to you.

It’s a win/win for both parties. They get a good testimonial and you get a good link.

In order to get testimonial links, first, you will need to build a list of your vendors, a contact email and that’s it.

Build out your list of vendors and contacts as you will be emailing them your testimonial.

Write a good testimonial for each vendor and then send them an email with your testimonial, company, link and a personalized message

Now you won’t get one from every vendor, but if you can just get a few from your outreach, it will give you a great ROI.