7.15 Tier Checklist — Methods to Carry in Solo Queue — League of Legends

by    SEO   Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Welcome friends! Please use the time-stamps below to help you navigate this very detailed analysis of the 7.15 Patch:

Google Doc:

***Patch Notes***
0:45 = TL;DR overview of Part 1
5:30 = Enchanter Supports Are Still Strong
10:15 = Tank Supports Are Still Strong
17:30 = AP Supps Are Very Weak
20:45 = Why Tank Top and Jungle Are OP Right Now
35:30 = The Death of Lethality Champs
36:30 = New ADC Meta (Sivir, Kalista, Vayne, Trist)
43:15 = New Mid Meta (Corki, Tali, Syn, Azir, Ekko, Cass)
47:30 = Top 5 For Each Role

***Support Tier List (Very Detailed!)***

Tier 1:
56:00 = Janna
1:09:00 = Rakan
1:11:45 = Taric
1:18:30 = Nami, Sona

Tier 2:
1:20:30 = Soraka, Sejuani, Braum, Thresh, Blitz

Tier 3:
1:33:00 = Karma, Trundle, Nautilus, Nunu
1:48:00 = Gragas, Tahm Kench, Lulu, Zyra, Ali, Nasus

Please watch the first half for the Patch Analysis:

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