7 Step search engine optimization Guidelines For 2019 – The Secret Behind My 14,969,843 Visits From Google Revealed!

by    SEO   Monday, January 28th, 2019

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Most SEO techniques are ignoring the core on page search engine optimization that improve Google rankings.

For some extremely competitive niches, advanced SEO tactics and optimization tips are required, but for most people they are simply missing the basics.

The number one SEO tip I have for 2019 is to stick with the fundamentals and follow this SEO checklist for every post you publish.

Quick note this video is not designed to be a full SEO course, it is much more of a SEO tips and tricks for 2019 video!

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We first start out covering the importance of keyword research which is probably the most important SEO technique in 2019 that many publishers ignore.

if you are not optimizing your content for the keyword that your audience is searching for, how or why would Google improve your rankings for that Keyword?

They wouldn’t! Because without keyword research your SEO optimization is nonexistent.

This playlist shows you exactly how to do keyword research for SEO:

Second up is the keyword search intent. Focusing on keywords that have the right level of search intent to make sure you are connecting with the right audience segments through your content is key.

This video teaches the four types of keyword intent so you can create better optimized content:

if you are doing SEO for new websites, focusing on the keywords that have low difficulty scores and high search volume will help you get traffic fast.

The second big tip is to leverage Google autosuggest and related search results to help you focus your content creation efforts.

This gives you a broader picture of what Google believes is relevant to your core keyword phrase and creating relevant content is the way to win at getting more traffic from Google.

The third idea is about post length. One of the most common questions I receive is “miles how long should my SEO optimized content be?”

This video reveals the exact method for you to find out the precise number of words your post needs to be in order to be perfectly optimized for the first page of Google.

The fourth idea is not optimizing your heading sections within the text.

I cover the exact number of H1 through 84 tags you need plus how to know exactly what content to put inside of these optimized heading tags.

For extreme detail and a powerful technique that I used to create SEO optimized content for my blog, fast, watch this video next:

Moving beyond the written content within the post you gotta talk about images for proper optimization… So we go through the process of optimizing your images for your main keyword phrases.

Next up we get into the metadata and how to optimize your title and description for your post.

Finally we talk about internal and social linking. This is really a broad overview of the basic SEO silo topic which I covered in depth in this video here:

SEO silos are a great SEO technique for difficult to rank for keyword phrases and you can leverage them for YouTube videos too!

Wow, this turned out to be a very long discussion text… LOL

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