9 Superior search engine optimization Ideas (for 2020)

by    Backlinks Services   Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Looking for advanced SEO tips for 2021?

Perfect because I’m going to answer 9 advanced SEO questions in this video (from a recorded consulting session).

Here’s what I’m going to tackle:

0:43 – Minimum viable content vs “skyscraper” content: what’s better?

3:59 – Should you pay websites for link placements?

7:59 – Is it safe to use expired domains for link building? Watch this part because I explain the safest method.

12:33 – Are comparison posts effective SAAS SEO?

15:49 – Does page loading speed actually matter for SEO?

18:43 – What’s the fastest way to get results for an SEO client?

24:55 – What are some best practices for e-commerce SEO?

26:54 – Why is a competitor beating us in local SERPs?

30:40 – Does Domain Authority (DA from Moz) matter?

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