A WordPress Plugin Tutorial On How To Enhance Your Weblog search engine marketing with Tooltip Generated Inside Hyperlinks

by    SEO   Friday, July 11th, 2014

This Hand-On Tutorial for the Tooltip Glossary plugin for WordPress from CreativeMinds will show you how to build a glossary of terms on your WordPress website while creating hundreds of internal links to increase your website’s SEO.

This instructional video also demonstrates several features that can be included such as synonyms, abbreviations, plural and singular terms. With the tooltip glossary plugin, you can quickly build a dictionary, encyclopedia, wiki, online library, or glossary page with popup tooltip info boxes with the best WordPress glossary plugin.

Once a glossary term has been added, each occurrence of the term will be highlighted in any page or post. Admin can easily embed images, audio, and video files on the term page and/or term tooltip content.

The glossary term pages are all linked together through a related terms mechanism and via the central index page. This helps to create a strong infrastructure that enhances your website’s SEO by quickly and continuously building a network of internal links.

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