AdSense Ninja vs. Google Auto Advertisements [61% Boost in Revenue] 40 Day Experiment

by    SEO   Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

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With so much hype around Google’s AdSense Auto Ads, we wanted to find out if Auto Ads actually works, and how well it performs.

We performed a 40 days Experiment using AB (Split) testing, where we compares Auto Ads vs AdSense Ninja plugin for WordPress (

Experiment was structured to show equal number of impressions and had a total of 41,557 pageviews, split equally between each ad format.


AdSense Ninja Plugin earned: $260.32
Google Auto Ads earned: $161.36

Earning Difference was 61.33% in favor of our plugin!

What we used to conduct this experiment:

WP Theme – modified Point theme (Free):
A/B Theme Testing Plugin from WPMUDev (Free with trial):

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