Affected person Attraction Episode 132: three Key Information About Your Google Rating

by    SEO   Thursday, May 22nd, 2014
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Good morning. It is Thursday, May 22, and I am Colin Receveur. Today and tomorrow I’m going to tell you why your placement on Google search results pages are the most important part of your web marketing — and why they don’t matter one bit. Stay tuned

– I talked earlier this month in a podcast about search engine optimization and how important it is to dominate a Google search results page, which we’ll call SERPs for search engine results pages, to bring in more and better customers.

– Just as a reminder, Google dominates the search engine market, virtually everyone starts their search for information with a search engine, and almost no one goes past the first SERP to find what they are looking for.

– So let’s say you have a great SEO program in place. How do you know you are dominating SERPs and what do you do if you are?

– Today, I am going to give you the first of 3 facts about your Google rankings.
1. What you see is probably not what others see.

– I’ll never forget that I had a potential client tell me that he had Googled some of my clients and wasn’t that impressed with their search engine results.

– What he didn’t understand is that Google tailors its SERPs based on your previous searches, what you’ve clicked on, your location and then other factors based on its algorithms.

– So when he searched a few dental keywords, it was no wonder our clients didn’t come up — he was hundreds of miles away from the closest one!

– Google would have been doing him a disservice to bring up a dentist so far away.

– So if you search the keywords you really want to dominate, you probably WON’T see the same thing a potential patient sees.

– To get a more objective view, follow these steps:

– Log out of every account (Google, all social media, WordPress, everything)

– Clear your cache

– Open Google Chrome and use “incognito mode”

– Now open Google and search for your top keywords, especially long-tail keywords like “Memphis all on four dental implants” or “Indianapolis dentists what do I do about missing teeth.”

– Now where do you come out?

– Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to see where you really rank, we can cover what to do with that information tomorrow.

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– If you want to learn a lot more on this topic and many others, reading it will be worth your time.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.