Alexa Name of Obligation BETA Skillset - Set up and Fast Demo

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Alexa Name of Obligation BETA Skillset – Set up and Fast Demo

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Quick video to show how to install and a demo of the new skill set from Activision for Call of Duty Take your Call of Duty game to the next level with Amazon Alexa. Still needs work and development but have to start somewhere. Hopefully they improve it by speed, options and general interface.

The beta release is here! Sharpen your skills and gain a strategic edge by deploying the Call of Duty® Skill, your personal voice-controlled reconnaissance scout. With a simple voice command, Call of Duty provides you with critical intel, personalized instruction and essential after-action reports in real-time so you can take your game to the next level — whether you’re a battle-hardened vet or rookie. Want to access all of your multiplayer stats, check your progress on an active challenge, or hear what’s new in the Call of Duty world? Call of Duty has your six. Call of Duty allows you to stay connected with friends and can tell you how you stack up against the best of the best.

The Call of Duty® skill beta currently supports Call of Duty®: WWII multiplayer.

For all the latest Call of Duty news and information, visit today.

Call of Duty analyzes your in-game performance to make personal recommendations, such as game mode strategies, optimized loadouts, and areas where you can improve. The more you play, the more effective Call of Duty’s intel will become. Try asking: “Ask Call of Duty how I did last match?”

Closing in on in-game loot? Call of Duty can keep you posted on the status of your active contracts and orders. Try asking: “Ask Call of Duty what contracts and orders am I close to completing?”

You might miss a shot, but Call of Duty won’t. Logging every bullet of every match, Call of Duty delivers up-to-the-minute access for key measurable stats. From K/D ratio and winning percentage to how many objective points you’ve secured, Call of Duty knows all. Try asking: “Ask Call of Duty what is my K/D Ratio?”

In war, no one fights alone. Call of Duty can help you see who’s online and where you rank among your friends. Try asking: “Ask Call of Duty if any friends are online right now?”

Player data is required for core functionality. As a result, players must link their Call of Duty player account to the Call of Duty® skill. Need a Call of Duty account? Visit

To link the skill, please follow the instructions below:

1. Log into or open the Alexa app on your mobile phone and click “Skills.”
2. Click “Your Skills” and scroll until you find “Call of Duty”.
3. Click on the skill and click “Enable.”
4. Click “Save Permissions” – the skill requires these permissions in order to function.
5. Click “Link Account.”
6. If a player is logged into their account, click “Link” on the Call of Duty page to link their accounts.
7. If a player is not logged into account, click on the button for the type of account you have.
8. Follow the Login process for the player’s network.
9. The account is now linked.

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