Amazon Itemizing Copy and Optimization Ideas: The best way to Goal Your Superb Buyer

by    SEO   Monday, July 20th, 2020

Amazon listing copy is an essential part of driving more sales. In this video, Jelena Nuhanovic explains why is it important to do buyer persona research before writing a copy for Amazon listing, how to use Reddit and Quora for it and shares tips on improving listing optimization.
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🔶 Topics covered in the video:

➤ 00:00 Intro to Amazon copywriting
➤ 01:35 Mindset and common mistakes when preparing copy
➤ 03:36 Find your ideal customer first
➤ 04:11 Using Reddit and Quora for your buyer persona research
➤ 06:31 When sellers should do buyer persona research?
➤ 07:07 Doing split testing for your copy
➤ 09:13 For how long sellers should test copy?
➤ 10:16 Tips for creating an irresistible copy
➤ 11:49 Make a list of features and benefits
➤ 13:28 Things to avoid when writing copy for Amazon
➤ 15:10 Use reviews to improve your credibility
➤ 16:26 A+ content for product comparison
➤ 17:56 Improve product credibility through copywriting
➤ 19:10 Copywriting for ranking and customers
➤ 20:04 Tips to improve conversion rates
➤ 22:19 Contact Jelena

After learning the ropes of business analysis in the corporate world, Jelena Nuhanovic started her advertising career 5 years ago as an independent contractor, specializing in design and execution of sales funnels for e-commerce businesses on Google and social media platforms. Two years ago, Jelena formed a team specialized in marketplace advertising, with a special focus on Amazon and Walmart. Jelena is very passionate about consumer behavior and spends a lot of time learning about what the best approach is to influence customers online, which makes Amazon a perfect playground.

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Lisett started out in 2016 as an Amazon FBA store assistant and since then has been working daily with different Amazon FBA sellers. Years of experience as a store manager along with the mission of helping businesses run daily operations cost- and time efficiently has shaped her into a strategic partner for Amazon sellers. Today she helps to manage stores, product-related tasks, customer relations, and the team while advising company owners to set their goals and strategy.
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