AMP Challenge website positioning, Get Your Web site AMP Prepared Now!

by    SEO   Friday, August 26th, 2016

John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility discusses AMP SEO and the AMP project in general.

Quick resources:

Accelerated mobile pages or (AMP) is a way to simplify website code and deliver faster and simpler web pages via mobile.

The main benefits are faster pages, higher conversion rates (due to page speed increases, but conversion rate could go down due to lack of design abilities), lower bounce rates, larger distribution and being on a common technical platform for mobile.

Some of the cons are third parties can crawl and index your content, it could hurt your conversion rates due to lack of design features, there are large technical requirements if you are not on a common CMS, it is very new and some are concerned it will not be around forever.

Amp is now ready for all content.

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