Are Dangerous Backlinks Hurting My Web site? [SEO Insight]

by    Backlinks Services   Saturday, August 8th, 2020

Are bad backlinks hurting your websites SEO? There are many instances when website owners aren’t even aware that low quality links were built to their site. Many times, an SEO company that’s hired for a cheap price point builds low quality links for a quick gain on websites your business should have no association with. If you have a bad backlink profile, this could be hurting your SEO. Jason Parks of The Media Captain has helped companies recover from bad backlinks being built to their site.

Below are the key points Jason covers in this video on low quality backlinks:

[0:13] What’s a backlink?
[0:50] Internal vs. External Backlink
[2:15] What’s a Good Backlink?
[2:38] What’s a Bad Backlink?
[3:32] Does Google Discount Bad Backlinks?
[4:23] Avoid Keyword Heavy Anchor Text
[4:47] How to Acquire Good Links