Backlinking! My High Three Superior Hyperlink Constructing Methods to Improve Your Web site Rankings

by    SEO   Friday, May 17th, 2013

Backlinking! 8 Awesome Link Building Strategies to Increase Your Website Ranking!

1. Create awesome content that people want to share

Think Results! What can add high value to your community and can help your readers get results!

It may be fantastic blog posts, industry survey results, a white paper, an ebook, great videos etc. Whatever it is, create it with your audience in mind and ask yourself this question. Why would they share this?

2. Be a part of the community and engage with others!

Talk to people, respond to comments, comment on posts and blogs and link back to other people’s awesome content! Think inclusivity – share and link to content your community will find will useful and promote people you admire and respect

3. Build your own influence and credibility

Both of the above will help with this one. By creating and publishing awesome content, by sharing and linking to others awesome content and by engaging, networking and being a part of the community you will over time build your own influence!

4. Encourage others to share your content through contests / promotions and email marketing

Put simply – ask for the share! If you don’t ask you don’t get! So ask people to share and link to your content. Create a contest giving them the opportunity to win something for sharing your stuff. Email your customers and ask them to share with their friends!

5. Viral sharing

Consider adding a viral share button to blog posts or download pages. If you have a free ebook or some great information you’re giving away, encourage people to access it by sharing the link to your page!

6. Embeddable Formats

Create videos, slideshares & graphics that people can embed in their own sites and link back to you. Webmasters are always looking for great content, so make it easy for them!

7. Free gifts – Paying it Forward

I know it’s the industry ‘norm’ to ask for an optin to get your free stuff. But every now and again, offer an awesome report or downloadable app, or an open source plugin etc, that will get people sharing all over the shop!

8. Blog & Video Commenting

Get involved in the conversation. Comment on others blogs and YouTube channels. Whilst many blogs have comments set to no follow, you will begin to build a relationship with the webmaster and other followers. Users may click on your links or profile picture to learn more about you. You will begin to gather your own followers and fans, who will read your great content, share it and link to it!!!

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