Backlinking search engine marketing Technique To Get Free Google Site visitors - search engine marketing Backlinks Tutorial + Hyperlink Sort Breakdown!

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Backlinking search engine marketing Technique To Get Free Google Site visitors – search engine marketing Backlinks Tutorial + Hyperlink Sort Breakdown!

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Normal Manual Forum Posts –
Fiverr Manual Forum Comments –
Fiverr Manual Blog Comment –
Fiverr Manual Web 2.0 –
Niche Edits/Guest Posts – Use code “Shaun” for 15% off their niche edits.

Video going over Fiverr backlinks and how to check if they are guest posts or a PBN –
My video on things to keep an eye out for when trying workout keyword competition –
Review playlist of the Fiverr gig services –

My Backlink Strategy Overview – 3:26
Guest Posts – 11:16
Niche Edits – 17:52
PBNs – 20:13
Web 2.0s – 23:08
Forums – 26:15
Blog Comments – 29:13

Tools And Services I Use –
Fiverr Gigs Worth Your Time –

Blogging Tools And Services I Use

Articles –
Hosting –
Domain Registrar –
Amazon Plugin –
Surfer SEO –
Rank Tracker –
Theme –
Canva –

Fiverr Gigs I Use

AHRefs/SEMRush Reports –
Cartoon Characters –
Logos –
Display Ads –
Wordpress Coders –

Social Media

Backlinking SEO Strategy To Get Free Organic Traffic From Google – SEO Backlinks Tutorial!

In this video, I go over a mini SEO backlink tutorial to try and explain my backlinking strategy to rank my blog posts in Google to pull free organic traffic to my domains to earn money. Although I outsource these tasks for my own projects, you are able to make all of these SEO links, other than potentially the PBN links yourself for free if you put the time in.

Unfortunately, as with most things in SEO, there is no exact formula where if you do X then you get Y so even with a proven backlink strategy in your back pocket, you are still going to have to do your own testing and adjust as required for your own niches and keyword difficulties. I have had different keywords that look like they are very similar on the search engine results page require different levels of backlinking to actually push them into the top 3 of Google even though they are in the same niche.

I usually start with either one guest post or niche edit and ten manual forum posts and let those links age in to see what happens for a number of months. You can also use manual blog comments or manual web 2.0s instead of or in conjunction with the manual forum posts if you wish. As I explain in the video, the manual forum posts are used more for diversification rather than to actually push SEO link juice though so I think you will be able to rank without them.

As there is so many scams when it comes to SEO backlink building, it is also likley that you will end up getting scammed if you end up trying to outsource the tasks. As I mention in the video, one of the SEO agencies with a better reputation recently tried to give me a PBN link when offered as a $300 niche edit so you have to check your links as explained in the video linked in the description above!

Some of the links above are affiliate links that may result in a small commission for purchases made via the links.


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