Backlinks-Distinction between No comply with backlinks and Do comply with backlinks 2020

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If your user are sharing your page/post on another website (Social platforms,discussion platforms etc) then it will also backlinks.
Backlinks consider as backbone of a website. In front search engine backlinks are valuable and consider a vote for a website.
Do follow backlinks:
Suppose a website link placed on another website if both user and search engine (google,bing,yahoo,yandex etc) can follow that link it will be Do follow link.

Do follow link are valuable link in viewpoint of SEO (search engine optimization). Most people created only do follow links. But it’s not good for your site if you are creating only do follow links.
No follow Backlinks:
If a link placed on other website which can follow only user then it will be no follow backlink. In case of do follow backlink both user and search engine can follow the link but in no follow link only user can follow backlink that is placed on another website.

Now it is necessary for your website to create both do follow no follow links. If you create 10 backlink then out of 10 at least create 2 no follow links.

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