Backlinks For An Authority Website

by    Backlinks Services   Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Backlinks For An Authority Site from is the best way to begin the foundation for your link building for an authority site or any other kind of site that you want to rank long term you need the kinds of links that an authority site builds on. Cornerstone links is a three pronged approach to building authority into your site so that you can have the opportunity to rank for a long time in areas that most web site owners don’t dare to go. Press Releases, Private Blog Network Sites and Public Web 2.0s that are recognized by Google as authoritative should be the kind of foundation you are laying for a site that will withstand the algorithm winds of change and should be the cornerstone for any site that is not in the churn and burn genre.
If you’re building a website for a long term project, whether it is a site you’ll monetize using any of the typical methods, or a website is being built for your business without a client, then you need to build it in such a way that will stand against the algorithm changes that come our way on a regular basis from Google and the other search engines.
The website owner who is in it for the long haul should always use a foundational base upon which to grow his off-site back link infrastructure; and every foundation begins with a cornerstone.

Authority backlinks are the way to begin link building for an authority site.

Cornerstone Links include those which have a tremendous amount of authority and are powerful in every niche. Press releases, private blog network sites, and web 20 properties which have authority in Google’s eyes, are all a must if you are building a site that is not a churn and burn, make money and run short-term quick cash site. So if you are in the site building business for the long haul you not only want Cornerstone Links, you need them.