Be taught How To Create Snapchat Adverts | Improve Snapchat Followers, Web site Visits and App Installs

by    SEO   Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

To start, visit and click on signup.
You will first have to get started by adding your credit card details which you can do later as well. The snapchat ads manager looks and works similar to Facebook ads manager.

To get started with a new campaign all you have to do is click here on new campaign and the form to start a new campaign opens up. You can decide on whether you want to drive traffic to your website or install or drive installs to your app, draw awareness and or drive just views. So let me just select get traffic to my website. You have to select a schedule you can start it on indefinitely or you can have a start and end date to your ad. Let me just run it indefinitely. The status will be active. You can give you a campaigner name, so let me just give it a name my first snapchat campaign and then click on next.

The next step is to create an ad set where you first have to select a geography. So the location right now is United States. You can include or exclude certain regions or metros or zip codes so say let me just include New York here. So now my ad is going to show to only to people living in New York in the United States. You can see a rough audience size here how many people are eligible to view your ad. Let’s narrow it down a little more by demographics. So let’s select the age group of to or maybe to as well. All genders. The language would be English. Advanced demography. This is where snapchat gives you a few options to narrow down your target audience. So let me just select small business decision makers. If you have some sort of regulated content which has an age restriction you can select that here. If you have predefined audiences or custom audiences, you know audience who have visited your website, this is the place to add it. We’ll get into this in another tutorial. Next you have to select your ad placement. Do you want your ad to be delivered everywhere on snapchat or you can decide if you want to run it everywhere accept any of these places or if you want to run it only on publisher stories, our stories and shows or only on user stories. So for now let’s keep it at all snapchat. Operating systems, I don’t mind Android or iOS so I’m gonna select all. Connection type all as well. You can add a daily budget, so my daily budget is $50 right now and the goal is, you can select either from impressions or swipe up. So let’s keep it as swipe ups because I would want more conversion. Now you have to bid on how much you want to spend per swipe. $10 to me is way too expensive. I’m going to keep it at $1, or you know, let’s try to keep it even more low at $0.50. I would want my ads to start immediately and let the status be active. Finally give your ad set a name, my first snap ad set, click on next.

Now finally it’s time to create your ad. Create the creative for your ad. So you can click on new creative, my first snap ad is the name. Do you want to keep your ad shareable? Yes, of course, I want people to be able to share it. There are four types of ads that you can create. A top snap only, which is without any sort of attachment it just drives views to your content. There’s a web view where users can swipe up to see your website. You can drive app installs or you can display some sort of long video. So for me let me just select web view for now. This is what the ad looks like. let’s click on next to actually create an ad. You have to add your brand name which is Viren Baid for me. You can add some sort of catchy headline. My call to action, let me just select view. Now, media file you can upload creatives if you have already created them. If you haven’t you can create your creative right from here. But I already have one creative so I’m just going to upload it from here. There you go, my creative is added. Now if I hover over this phone here, you will be able to see the ad. That’s the ad I’ve created. Now when people swipe up they should be able to visit some websites, so I’m just gonna add the link to my website. now snapchat has something called autofill, which lets you collect information of people who swipe up to your your ad so that you can collect leads. I’m going to keep it off for now. And that’s about it, we’re done creating our first snapchat ad. You can publish the ad now. Once you’ve published the creative you can now click on launch campaign and the campaign is active now.