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by    Backlinks Services   Monday, January 13th, 2020

Blackhat Links

Blackhat Links – Comments

Here’s a set of services if you want to buy something that works well for me. I utilize this in my 3rd tier and beyond. Because I want to push my properties forward, or propel them higher. This is how I do it a lot of times.

Keep in mind, this is spammy. Never ever build links to your money site that you can’t control.

I like to see tier 1 and tier 2 as my money site, with tier 2 being my lesser fear above the two. Meaning, if tier 2 gets toxic, I remove it so it doesn’t effect tier 1. Because if tier 1 isn’t effected, than we know that the money site isn’t effected either.

So, I do not mind running questionable links to tier 2 and see what happens. So far, all of my tier 2’s haven’t caused me harm. So, I do send a lot of comments at it as well as other links.