Brisbane search engine marketing Professional Supplies 5 Suggestions For Search Engine Rating Elements

by    SEO   Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Brisbane SEO Expert Jeremy provides 5 tips for successful SEO.

In this episode:

— What are the most important Search Engine Ranking Factors?
— Where should you place your keyword?
— Social Signals are they important?
— Providing relevant user experiences for your visitors

Jeremy Jag here and I have some results for you about search engine ranking factors for 2013.

2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors published their search engine ranking factors document every year, and just recently they posted what they deem as their 2013 search engine ranking factors.

The overview is that: still the most important thing for search engine ranking is links, weighing in at 40%. And that’s good news if you’re one of our SEO or LinkyJuice Web Promotion customers, because we are able to get you good quality links pointing to your website.

They also felt that having the keyword on page is still very important. I talk about having it in the page description but also it might be useful to be mentioned at least once on your page and to have relevant phrases. If you have images on your page or post, they should be named correctly. I have been talking about social signals recently and also see social ranking factors are important for audience participation.

Here are what I feel are the top 5:

1: Links back to your site. These should be from a site that has established Page Authority or page rank. They should also be relevant to your site
2: Anchor text. Have this is your page and use with appropriate link ratios
3: On page keywords. This has been a standard for correct on site SEO
4: Social signals: How relevant is your content and is your audience engaging?
5: Brandable domains in the long term I feel will triumph over exact match domains. Brandable domains have a better emotional connection to your clients/customers as opposed to We are sure you will want your business to be known as a brand rather than a service

Stand Out Thru Relevant User Experience

So what does that mean for you and your future of search engine optimization? What you really want to be focusing on is relevant user experience. Do you cater for desktop, tablet and mobile visitors?

Over time, Google’s algorithm will probably take into account how functional a site is, how useful it is and user friendly it is. I know from searching the Internet and finding junky sites, when I’m trying to look things up it is pretty frustrating, especially on my iPhone when I come across Flash heavy site builds. So you want to make sure that when someone arrives at your site, that it is structured well, easy to use, helpful and has text, images and maybe video to engage them. Make sure that is going to stand out from every other site in your industry on the Internet. If you do these basics, you’re going to get Google Love with good solid rankings.

I am Jeremy from I hope you’ve enjoyed this update.