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by    Backlinks Services   Friday, September 11th, 2020

Today’s Off Pae SEO secret another tip for backlinks indexing without backlink indexer software.

I will show how you can index your backlinks without any expensive software or services.

This method might not index all of your backlinks fast in Google however for those that want to index 1,000’s of backlinks that might not be of the highest quality this little method might be for you.
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In this video, i am explaining about indexing your backlink in Google through google docs and google excel, apart from these i will link this google doc and google excel URL to my google Blogspot site to index my docs and excel link.

For any query regarding the backlink indexing, you can always send me a message on my Facebook page, the link is given below. Almost all the queries i replied as per my knowledge and experience.

How to Quickly index backlinks in Google in 24 hours | Rank Fast in Google

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