COMPLETE GUIDE To Rating Up In Rocket League | 50+ Ideas

by    SEO   Saturday, December 21st, 2019

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In this video, I talk about tons of various tips for how to rank up and get better in Rocket League depending on which rank you are at. The different ranks in Rocket League have different mistakes that occur more or less often than each other and they all work on different things mainly that help them get to the next rank. For example, players at gold really just need to improve their mechanics in order to get better and rank up to platinum. They also need to focus on basic rotations and not over committing. At once players rank up from gold, they will have reaching platinum which is considerable different. At platinum, mechanics become much more important. Many common mistakes at platinum relate to mechanics and going for boost too much. Players often go for boost over ball way too often which is a common phrase you’ve probably heard in Rocket League before. That’s because it’s such an essential topic to discuss in order to conserve boost and get better as a player at gold and platinum level. It’s really at platinum and diamond level where players really start to grind out their mechanics and work on aerials. People often what to figure out how to aerial because for one, it looks cool, and two, it becomes a much more relevant mechanic to learn once you reach those levels. By far, the most important thing to learn to rank up from platinum to diamond rank is basic mechanics like the half flip. Recovering becomes much more important. Mechanically, platinum and diamond were definitely the two most different ranks that I analyzed in Rocket League. From diamond rank to champ in Rocket League, players really learned that they need to play faster. They started making better decisions sooner but also at a cost of not realizing that it’s okay to use the breaks and still play fast. Once you get to the correct spot in rotations, you can wait there and let the play develop. Using momentum is in fact important in Rocket League, but it’s more important to not put yourself in a bad spot to hit the ball for the benefit of maintaining your speed. Now, many people reach champion in Rocket League and get stuck there for months and sometimes longer. They are completely lost as to what they need to work on to reach grand champion. This is because they have learned almost everything in Rocket League that has helped them get to where they are now. There’s not much else to learn. It just comes down to mastering what you’ve learned and being consistent. Consistency is in fact key as many Rocket League players are told by higher ranked players. Being consistent is not a tip that people like being told because it’s not specific at all but it’s definitely the biggest difference between champion and grand champion in Rocket League. I also talk about how playing fast the correct way really improves from champion to grand champion but still, overall, the best way to rank up from champ to gc is mastering what you already know. I hope this video has helped you climb the ranks in Rocket League. I spent over 40 hours producing this video from gathering statistics and information to organizing it and putting it together in this video in an entertaining way. This is definitely the most time I’ve spent making any of my Rocket League videos and I think it came out great. Hope this video helps you rank up and good luck on the grind!

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