Constructing a Journal App with GraphQL, Firebase, and React – Full Stack Serverless, Episode 5

by    SEO   Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Over the past few months, I’ve become fascinated with the concept of “full stack serverless”: building fully featured applications – both the frontend and the backend – and deploying it to a platform where you don’t worry about managing servers, downtime, or any of the usual operations issues around web projects.

In the Full Stack Serverless series, I’ll explore how to build applications (with actual code!) and deploy them using serverless technology. This series will cover a number of applications, frameworks, and toolkits, with an eye towards understanding the what and the why of how serverless development works.

In the second section of Full Stack Serverless, we’ll build a very simple journal application, using GraphQL, Firebase, and React, to show how you can use serverless technology to build a fully database-driven application without maintaining infrastructure or needing to become a backend developer. While this tutorial uses Firebase and GraphQL, there are a number of great tools in the ecosystem worth exploring: this is one approach that will help you understand how the serverless ecosystem looks and how different tools can interact with each other.

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