Crowd Search Me Assessment | Enhance Your Rankings + Bonuses

by    SEO   Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

CrowdSearch Me Review

Hi Guys welcome to the CrowdSearch Me review. Now you have heard about the whole “crowd” movement where you rely on a lot of people to achieve a singular task. This concept has been applied to finance, project and much more. Well now there is a product that now uses this same concept for website ranking called is an online system which that makes it possible for the user to enter a website and keywords so that the “crowd” army can organically search for this website hereby boosting ranking using a patented technology called SmartRank™ Technology
The SmartRank™ Technology is an advanced algorithm that first determines where your current keyword position is in Google. The SmartRank™ Technology looks at the overall search volume your keyword of choice and determines the optimum number of searches and time that is needed to take a website up higher in Google. The SmartRank™ Technology system is automatically always evaluating the keyword position and keeps adjusting this to keep boosting you up higher in the Google search rankings.
This CrowdSearch.Me Review can point the key areas that the software will help with organic search website booting;
• Improve Search Rankings – The tools allows Google to Rank Your Website Higher in search. Google takes into consideration how long people spend on your site. So what The tools does is that it visits your site for a certain keyword. Let take for example the keyword is “Take That” and your website is currently in the 60th position of Google’s organic search index for that keyword. The tool searches for that keyword, finding your site in the 60th position, visits your site and then spends a while browsing and clicking on the links in your site. This will show on Google as engagement and .Google places a lot of authority on who’s getting visited for specific search phrases.
• No Bounces – has a setting that you can use to determine how much time the Crowd should spend on your site. This is important to reducing the bounce rate for your website which in turn Boost up Rankings.
• Powered by the CROWD – So who will be clicking on your wesite? That will be the Thousands of Real People on their own computers clicking and boosting the rankings of your website. This means you get unique IP addresses, traffic from different browsers all in a mix to make it look as natural as possible
• The Power Of Twitter– Using the power of Twitter with Twitter Retweets & Favorites. The tools allows you to set Daily Drip Feeds to your campaigns on 100% Autopilot by using real Twitter Accounts.
Now the fear is How Safe is this method with Google always changing what it uses for rankings all the time. Well the Author of the tool says it is “100% Google Safe”.
This for me is a great tool that helps with rankings. To get this tool please click on the link below and above. Also if you buy this tool from my link I will send you the following bonuses for free!!!
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