Derek Christian on Enhancing Your Google Rating by Pinterest

by    SEO   Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Derek Christian of Cleaning Business Builders offers insight on how creating inexpensive infographics can boost your page ranking on Google.

Derek Christian, Tom Stewart and Liz Trotter are entrepreneurs with wildly successful residential cleaning businesses. They have planned a 3-day getaway to pass along their knowledge to other business owners. It’s called Conquer Your Kingdom.

Conquer your most difficult problems and become more profitable. This event is coming up the weekend of September 20, 2013 at Castle Keepers of Charleston. Castle Keepers is a phenomenal cleaning company that runs like clockwork. Derek, Tom and Liz will cover employee conflict resolution, hiring and firing, and dealing with problem clients. They’ll also show you how to track key metrics, project revenue and utilize social media. And you’ll practice sales techniques using scripts that you can take home with you. Plus, we’ll record and produce your very own personalized marketing video and head shot.

Conquer Your Kingdom is September 20-22, 2013 at Castle Keepers of Charleston. The cost is only a hundred and ninety-nine dollars. Register now at while there’s still space available.