Do-Comply with vs. No-Comply with – What’s the Distinction? Backlink Methods in 2018

by    Backlinks Services   Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

When engaging in backlink building, it is important to understand “Do-Follow” and “No-Follow” links. Which one produces the valuable “link juice” the top ranking factor on Google. It is vital to make sure that all links are “Do-Follow” Google will index these links, whereas they will not index “No-Follow” links.

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What is the difference between No-follow and Do-follow backlinks? That is a really common question I get and it is a really important one when your engaging in the practice of acquiring backlinks for your website. A No-follow link is from a website that, happens to be savvy about their SEO. They are telling Google to not track that link as a backlink in the backend and the HTML code. That is someone who doesn’t want to pass any link juice to you, as the acquirer of the backlink. On the other hand, a do-follow link is a link that does pass some SEO juice to you as the backlink acquirer. There is a major distinction to be had between do-follow and no-follow. When you are going after backlinks, you do want the do-follow backlinks.