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Backlinks are one of the most important SEO Ranking factor that you can use to increase domain Authority and page authority of your website. Do follow backlinks are the best if you want to rank higher on Google.

The higher the authority of the website linking to you, the higher It will gain a reputation for Google and eventually rank higher. 

See, all search engines want to show a perfect result to the searcher and make sure that the results they are showing are from a trusted source. 

They analyze factors such as backlinks, domain authority, and page authority of a website and a lot more to calculate the ranking position that your website deserves.

Types of Backlinks

Do-Follow backlinks

Do-Follow backlinks allow search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to follow the link to the website.

These are the links that pass link juice and help in the SEO of the website. These kinds of links are mostly found within the content of a website.

No Follow backlinks

Contrary to Do-Follow backlinks, No Follow backlinks do not pass any link juice, and hence, search engines can not follow this link to the website.

These links are present mostly in the comment section or profile description of websites. Instagram bio and Facebook page link are examples.

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