Dofollow Backlinks from Google – search engine optimisation

by    Backlinks Services   Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Dofollow Backlinks are extremely important to SEO. Follow our steps for building quality backlinks from Google!

Why do you need Backlinks?
Backlinks are considered a vote for your content. Every quality backlink to your site, video or social accounts will help add authority to that content and help with increasing your SEO efforts to rank on Google.

What is Trust Flow?
I evaluate the quality of my backlinks based on Trust Flow. Trust Flow is measurement from Majestic that gives you a score of 0-100 on the quality of the links coming into a page.

How do you find Dofollow Backlink Opportunities on Google?
Finding Dofollow backlink opportunities is quite easy. Just go to Google+ and search for your niche keywords. You will be looking for popular posts (+1s, shares, comments) that are at least a week old. The reason being is that it will take a few days before Majestic has a score for the URL.

Where can you Research Backlink Metrics?

Steps to get Dofollow Backlinks from Google:
1. Go to
2. Search for your niche keyword.
3. Find popular posts that are at least a week old.
4. Copy time stamp URL.
5. Visit and paste the URL.
6. After determining if it is a quality backlink opportunity, go back to the Google+ post.
7. Add a comment that engages in conversation and leave your name as a signature at the bottom of the post. To do this you type your name as +YourName.
8. You are done and now have a dofollow backlink from Google!

Indexing your backlinks:
You can index your new Dofollow link from Google by visiting and clicking on “add url”. This will send Google to the page to find your backlink.