Easy methods to add alexa rank widget to your web site

by    SEO   Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Today, I going to show use plugin add Alexa rank widget to your website. Using this plugin you will get show options for showing the Alexa rank in a sidebar. 1.Horizontal 2. Vertical Banner. Check This Video:

Just follow the steps below to add Alexa rank widget to your website.

1)Go to your admin panel.

2)Click on plugins option and choose to add new button.

3)You can see right-hand side search plugins option there.

4)Now type Alexa Traffic Rank Widget.

5)You can see one plugin show there which By Web Shouter.

6)Now click the install button.

7)Now you activate this plugin.

This process is just installed a plugin. Now, I going to show you how to fixed this plugin in your website. Follow the steps below-

1)Again go to admin panel and click appearance.

2)Now you can see many options there. You just click widget option.

3)Now you can see available widget here and your Alexa plugin also presents there.

4)Now, You think, which place on your website you fixed this.

5)Example- Below category, below comments, below archives.

6)If you set this plugin below comments just drop and down this plugin. on a primary sidebar. You can see comments option there.

7)Now click on this plugin and set your URL. You can select layout- horizontal or vertical.

8)Now save and reload your website. You can see Alexa traffic rank widget below comments.

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