Easy methods to Disavow Hyperlinks Utilizing Ahrefs and Google Webmaster Instruments

by    Backlinks Services   Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

If your website has had a negative SEO attack, you can disavow links using Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools). Links for both tools are below.
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Tools used:
Site Explorer:
Webmaster Tools Disavow Tool:

The way that you would normally submit bad links to Google to be disavowed is by uploading a custom list of domains and/or URLs in Webmaster Tools.

By submitting a disavow file, you are asking Google to not take them into account when assessing your site.

The kinds of URLs and domains you would disavow are ones that you believe are low-quality links that you do not have control over.

Before submitting your own list, Google recommends that you make every effort to clean up unnatural links pointing to your site.

The problem for many bloggers and website owners is that they don’t know where these links are coming from.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer makes this a lot easier (

Site Explorer has a backlink checker tool that allows you to see all of the websites and domains that are linking to your domain.

You can use search filters, narrow by country, and analyze the referring domains report to see which spammy sites are linking to yours.

From there, you can simply check the boxes and create your own custom disavow file which you can upload directly into Google’s disavow tool.

Combining these two tools will help you recover from Google Penguin updates and protect your website against future negative SEO attacks.

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