Easy methods to Enhance website positioning with HubSpot Matter Clusters

by    SEO   Friday, March 6th, 2020

The HubSpot topic cluster model is a game-changer for improving the SEO of your content, specifically on your blog! But what are HubSpot topic clusters and how do you deploy this strategy? We’ll show you how in this video.

When you write for keywords alone, you have to write a post for all long-tail variations of keywords which has proven to be very time-consuming. In HubSpot topic clusters model, each cluster covers a different topic. Pillar content then links back to each cluster topic and links back to the pillar page.

Using topic clusters in HubSpot improves the architecture of your site, making it easier for Google to find related content, and boost search engine visibility.

Note – the Hubspot SEO tool (aka the “HubSpot Content Strategy Tool”) shown in this video is only available in HubSpot Marketing Professional or Enterprise!

Time stamps:
0:17 – About HubSpot Topic Clusters
0:36 – HubSpot Topic Cluster Model Explained
1:22 – Old vs New Topic Cluster in HubSpot
3:20 – Example of Pillar Topic
4:17 – Tips for Keyword Research
4:50 – How to Strategize for Topic Clusters using the HubSpot SEO tool
6:10 – Visualization of a HubSpot Topic Cluster
6:50 – How to Link your Blog Content to your Topic Cluster in Hubspot
8:00 – Add New Blog Topics in HubSpot
9:00 – How to Link Back to Content you’ve Already Created
10:44 – How to Link a New Piece of Content to Your Blog
11:20 – Closing Thoughts on Topic Cluster SEO

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