Easy methods to Get High quality Backlinks from Spam Feedback

by    Backlinks Services   Monday, May 6th, 2013
How to Get Quality Backlinks
from spam comments on your blog

how to get quality backlinksQuality backlinks always add advantage to getting your content to show up on the first page in the search engines.

High quality backlinks are a ctitical factor for SEO of any site, yet many people struggle on how to generate or get backlinks.

Let’s look at how to get quality backlinks to your site and the specifically how to get quality backlinks from spam comments.
What are quality backlinks?

Search engines look at a website and evaluate it’s popularity and relevance based on the number of other websites that have links pointing to it. The more links pointing to a website, the higher the popularity, and the higher it will be ranked.

Links are like votes. Much like the college football rankings, the more votes you get, the higher you show up on the list., and whoever is at the top of the list gets the most attention.
How to get quality backlinks

There are many ways to get backilinks to your content.
Backlinking can be a tedious, time consuming job, but there are many tools out there that can make the job easier for you. I do have a recommended list of tools that I personally use and recommend. You can find the list here: Recommended tools

RSS Directory Backlinks:

RSS Directories allow people to follow different blogs or websites. Submitting your website to RSS Directories will generate backlinks to you.

Testimonial or Comment Backlinks:

One way is to write a testimonial or comment on the website for a service or product you have used. Because thes always carry a link to the person who wrote the it, if your comment remains you will have a backlink.

Press Release Backlinks:

You can also get high quality backlinks by submitting a press release to be distributed to thousands of different news and press sites. If your Press release is well written it may give you super quality backlinks for free.

Social Bookmark Backlinks:

Social Bookmarking sites allow you to save your favorite bookmarks online to read later. Doing this also gives you a free backlink.

Article Submission Backlinks:

Article submission is one of the best ways to rank any primary keyword in the 1st position, however it can be very time consuming because in order to see results you will need to submit a lot of articles.

Quality Content Backlinks:

When you publish quality content that people enjoy reading,they will share it, like it, tweet it, link it in their posts, etc. Writing quality content will result in a lot of quality viral backlins to your site.
What are spam comments?

Spam comments are comments posted on your website by someone with the sole intent to create a backlink from your blog to their site.
How to create quality backlinks from spam comments.

You can take advantage of spam comments and turn them into quality bascklinks for your own content.

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