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by    SEO   Saturday, May 30th, 2020

Improve eBay Selling & Boost your listing rankings
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In this eBay consulting episode, we go over Noahs store, and we really dig deep and uncover some major issues that he has with his store that need to be resolved.

3:57 how to improve your ebay listings
6:25 How to deal with negative feedback
12:15 ebay selling guidelines and how to sell faster on eBay
15:11 An example on how to improve your eBay listings and how to remove a defect
Here are some of the questions Noah had for Nahar on our call
17:38 How to sell on eBay US when you live in Canada
20:23 CJ Dropshipping vs Aliexpress – Why CJ Dropshipping
22:13 What should be my minimum sales per month on eBay?
24:48 Should I have a VA when selling on eBay?
I only have 250 eBay limit, how can I improve this?
Why do people get banned on eBay so easily?
26:42 What is Amazon to eBay dropshipping?
Should I dropship from Walmart or Home Depot?
How do I open stealth eBay accounts?
What is the best lister for eBay
Is finding the best product the main thing to be successful on eBay?
28:21 Should I create a new eBay store for each new niche?
Should I use Payoneer or Paypal on eBay?
29:30 Nahar goes over Noahs eBay business plan

How to improve your eBay listings
1. Increase limit. You can increase your limit in 30 days not just for one time. You can try and explain to them through email that this is your main business and you can use a very strong personal story or if you don’t have time to do this you can hire someone with experience for $20-$25 and they will make the call for you and contact eBay to increase your limit.

2. Feedback. If you got a negative feedback, you may email eBay and explain why you shouldn’t receive a negative feedback and there are people who can call eBay so your negative feedback can be removed. Try to remove it asap so it won’t affect your profile.

3. Defect Report. Always check this one because this affects your performance. If you already solved the problem with the customer and there is still a notification about it, contact eBay right away and explain that you already settled the problem with the customer. Get rid of this asap.

4. Go to resolution center and check if you have open cases that needs top be resolved.

How to deal with negative feedback
Here, Nahar explains how you can remove negative feedback and some strategies you can use to remove them yourself
He also explains how a negative feedback, or a sales defect can impact your seller momentum. This can be detrimental to your sales performance.

ebay selling guidelines and how to sell faster on eBay
Here Nahar continues to discuss how a negative feedback on your profile can affect your sales velocity, and what that means to your sales performance.
These eBay guidelines are very important to follow as they allow for you to become a better seller on eBay

An example on how to improve your eBay listings and how to remove a defect
Here, Nahar goes over Noahs store and walks him through the steps of a successful seller, and how you can identify and remove defects by being vigilant with your listings

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