Enhance Google Rankings Utilizing This Content material Optimization Technique

by    SEO   Friday, February 5th, 2021

In this video, you will learn how to optimize your existing content and improve its current rankings for your target keywords with the help of an AI-powered content creation/optimization tool called

Frase lets you analyze the top 10-20 competitors for a specific keyword and drill down on the existing data to help you improve your own content by adding keywords that you have missed, trim down keywords that are overoptimized, and cover important topics and related questions that can help drive additional traffic to your content.

I was not paid to create this video. I just want to share the awesomeness of this tool which I used to improved my personal projects and client’s websites keyword rankings in search engine.

You can register for free directly on their website or you can use my affiliate link (It won’t cost you extra if you decide to upgrade your free account to paid membership) –

00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – Login to account
01:16 – Dive in to Google Search Console to analyze existing data and select sample article for optimization
01:52 – Import selected blog article on Frase document section to analyze and give some insights
02:55 – Discuss Frase content editor and its features (top results, topic score, questions, related)
03:15 – Explain top results section
04:30 – Explain topic score section
07:47 – Show results of previously optimized article using Frase
08:24 – Explain questions section (People Also Ask, Quora, Reddit)
09:04- Final Thoughts

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