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by    SEO   Friday, October 16th, 2020

Here’s how to maximize your views on YouTube and boost the search and ranking factors of your video. With Lightricks, the video maker, you can boost your brand and business, making it easy to create stunning videos for social media marketing. With our video templates, it’s quick and easy to increase engagement, increase brand visibility, increase video ad conversion, and much more. This is because our promotional video makers allow you to create stunning videos with our video templates.

Before uploading your video clip, don’t forget to select a custom thumbnail that floats around in your videos on YouTube. YouTube automatically generates a few thumbnails for each video, but we strongly recommend you upload custom thumbnails.

If you do nothing, YouTube will create a thumbnail that it considers best for your video, but it needs something that represents the video.

Thumbnails create the first impression of a video and they tell your audience about your video and your ability to engage it. This is a great way to help YouTube know what the video is about and help it bring your content to relevant search engines and queries. Make sure you add links to your videos and descriptions on your website and other social media platforms to increase YouTube traffic.

Remember that promoting other videos will earn you Watch Time credits that will help your channel improve YouTube’s algorithm. In terms of increasing video views, you should use these maps to encourage users to visit less content – and subscribe to the channel.

If you have followers on other social channels, let them know every time you upload a new video to YouTube. Be active on YouTube by commenting on videos and clicking buttons to sign in when you find a good video.

Make sure you include video links in your press releases so that online news sources can link directly to your videos on YouTube for publication. Encourage your contacts to read blog posts embedded with videos to increase website traffic and redirect them to relevant playlists that you have # curated.

One of the easiest ways to promote your YouTube channel and attract more YouTube subscribers is to comment on other videos. For example, if it is an introductory video, you can ask them to comment and subscribe to your channel. Embedding your video will already deliver you more views than the video itself, so providing a subscription button for the channel will prove extremely valuable in the long run.

A well-designed video can increase engagement, reach, and video views by generating more likes, comments, and sharing on social media. Use text to make your story clear and add subtitles if you plan to post on social media. For longer videos with people speaking on camera, try uploading a Facebook video description for each video. A simple caption with a link to the video and a description of the story behind it can significantly increase your video engagement.

AdWords Boost can help your video achieve greater organic reach through YouTube’s algorithm. While your new video won’t have a ton of viewers in a minute, you will have views in seconds. To get more views on YouTube, create a playlist of your best content and start promoting it today.

VidIQ is a tag discovery tool that can help you increase your visibility on YouTube by suggesting a number of relevant tags that you can add to the description of your video. Add tags to the video to give YouTube more context about your content, and the right tags can help your videos climb in YouTube’s rankings. If you have done # keyword research on a video, you need to know more about how videos rank on YouTube. Even if you have already posted videos to YouTube and haven’t even hit Record, creating a focus keyword for each video helps your ranking.

The YouTube algorithm forgets your sense of your video and delivers it as content related to the content of other videos in the same category, such as music, music videos or sports videos.


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