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by    SEO   Thursday, January 11th, 2018

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Hi, I’m Sydney, inbound marketing consultant for Accelity Marketing. Search engine optimization can be confusing for entrepreneurs and business owners, but with these three tips, you can take actionable steps to boost your website ranking online.

Tip number one: do keyword research. Keyword research is important because it shows you what your ideal prospects are searching for. It allows you to utilize keywords in your content that give you a higher ranking. Once you create content that can benefit your rank, share it on social media and send that content via email to encourage additional sharing.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t realize that some of the processes they have in place could actually be hurting their SEO. A few examples of bad SEO practices include: not optimizing your site for mobile, keyword stuffing, having duplicate content on your site, having slow website loading time, and not adding image alt text. Make sure you keep up to date with SEO best practices and audit your website pages for practices that will ding your rank.

Tip number three: focus on links. The links that connect with your web pages have a strong effect on your SEO. When it comes to links, audit them regularly to make sure you’re not using a broken link. Also, monitor backlinks to ensure quality. Backlinks are links from another website that connect to your site. This can be a good thing if the site has a lot of authority, but bad if the site is spammy.

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