Enhance your gross sales with a successful web site

by    SEO   Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

Your website is your businesses’ most important marketing asset. It is often your prospects’ first impression of you and the place where people go to check you out before they buy. “Boost your sales with a winning website” describes 8 principles of web design that you need to know, 5 key questions that will lead to better customer-oriented messaging, what makes visitors engage and how to convert them into customers and how to turn your website into a marketing engine that gets you consistent results. Your takeaways from “Boost your sales with a winning website” are:
• An understanding of the different types of web platforms and how to choose between them
• You’ll be able to make changes to your website that will bring you results right away
• Leverage your website to increase your business success.

Speaker’s bio
Susan Jarema has been an entrepreneur all her life. She has completed two marketing degrees, built from scratch several companies and helped in the launch of hundreds of businesses. Susan is an effective marketer who combines strategy, technology and tactics to increase results. She has been selling online since 1995, long before Google! and has seen it all. Susan, an expert in SEO and conversions, calls herself an Internetologist and now helps entrepreneurs and companies succeed online through her company, New Earth Marketing, and The Grand Connection Business Networking Community.

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Vancouver Business Network
“Boost your sales with a winning website” was delivered at the Vancouver Business Network Meetup on September 1, 2020. Vancouver Business Network holds a weekly Meetup in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At this Meetup, an expert delivers a talk on a topic that is relevant to entrepreneurs. This training is recorded and made available on this channel to support entrepreneurs build better businesses. Check out Vancouver Business Network at

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