eTraffic Presents: Eight Area Components That Impact Your Search Engine Rankings

by    SEO   Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

1- Domain Age:
Matt Cutts says,”The difference between a domain that’s 6 months old versus one year old is not really that big at all.”
Basically it is a factor just not a big one!

2- Keyword in Domain:
The keywords in your domain create a relevance signal but it doesn’t necessarily provide an effective boost. It can still be a bit of an advantage because Google still displays keywords in bold. However, when your keyword is the first word of your domain, it directly gives you an edge over your competitors.

3- Domain Registration Length
The longer the domain expires, the more valuable and legitimate it is.

4- Keywords in the Subdomain
Having keywords in your website’s subdomain automatically creates a boost in your business website’s Google ranking.

5- Domain History
Google tends to “reset” the history of websites that rapidly drops several times which makes pointing links on the domain ineffective.

6- Exact Match Domain
This is a part of Google’s algorithm that prevents poor quality sites to get a good ranking in the search engines when their domains have keywords that matches search terms in their domain names.

7- WHOIS Privacy
Setting your domain information privately makes your website look like it has “something to hide” (Matt Cutts) which makes your domain lose its credibility.

8- Country TLD Extension
This can be helpful if you are only targeting a good ranking from a particular country. But using Country TLD extensions limits your website ranking performance if you want to reach a global audience.