Etsy website positioning 2021 Actuality Examine

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In a fast-paced, dynamic field such as SEO, it is crucial to stay well-informed. Even seasoned SEO experts understand the need to keep on learning lest they become obsolete. Emerging trends. Algorithmic changes. Technological advancements. These are some of the few things every SEO professional should be watching out for. But if you haven’t been keeping an eye on these for whatever reason, don’t worry. We’ve got your covered.

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Etsy website positioning 2021 Actuality Examine


Everyone who has taken our Training Course for Etsy sellers knows by now that ranking on Etsy search is a composite of many different factors.

There is no one thing to do to improve it! It’s quite nice that many factors are considered. If that were not the case, you’d be more paranoid about it than you might currently be.

We do break down all of those factors in our training course and give you what I call an SEO tour to set the stage for good SEO! We also cover how to maximize your visibility in search. MANY other things also really matter just as much if not more (we protect them, too.)

Again, don’t get so consumed with SEO that you forget to pay attention to other significant parts of your Etsy shop and business.

What I really wanted to highlight in today’s episode is the reality of search ranking! There is a lack of perspective here that is causing some unnecessary drama and anxiety for a lot of sellers.

When you go about optimizing for search, the goal is commonly to rank on the first page of search results. Certainly, that isn’t a bad goal – it makes sense! Of course, you want to rank on the first page. But the thing is, that might not always be realistic. In a lot of cases, if your listings rank on later pages of search results, that doesn’t even necessarily mean you have room to improve — which I will explain here shortly.

I hope that in breaking this down by the numbers, I can help shift the mindset about SEO and the desire to rank on the first page of results.

Learn how to create a more visible, profitable and enjoyable Etsy experience in our Training Course for Etsy Sellers!

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