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by    Backlinks Services   Saturday, May 12th, 2018

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There are many backlink checkers but if you want to know how to remove link from Google using Disavow links tool then you must watch this video.

It is true that, if your site is having a good number of backlinks then the SEO of your site will increase. But checking if those backlinks are really from a great source or are spammy is mandatory too. You can find total backlinks and spam score of those backlink sources with the help of Moz Open Site Explorer.

Sometimes it happens that you got a backlink from a bad source and the webmaster of that website is not within your reach. Then what can you do to remove that backlink?

For that Google is providing Disavow Links Tool and with that tool, you can talk with Google and say that “Please ignore this particular backlink”. Now Google will get to know that, you are removing bad backlinks and you only have Good backlinks then definitely Google will increase your page ranking.

You can use Site Explorer ( ) too to provide backlinks which you want to ignore.

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