Explode Your Visitors: Neil Patel’s website positioning Secrets and techniques (Find out how to Rank #1 on Google)

by    SEO   Monday, November 4th, 2019

Neil Patel shares his SEO tips and marketing tactics for 2019 | Plus the SECRETS marketers and SEO experts use to rank at the top of Google. 0:33 to skip to the interview.

Here’s what else you’ll learn in this exclusive interview:

– 0:45 Which SEO strategies produce the highest ROI in 2020.

– 1:27 How to produce high-quality and engaging content when you don’t have time (or money).

– 2:24 The secret to growing your business and website traffic (that Neil Patel uses himself).

– 3:05 The IDEAL time to start investing in SEO and what to do if your rankings are plummeting.

– 4:07 The impact of Voice Search on SEO in 2020 (and how to start preparing for it).

– 6:27 How you should approach Google’s latest algorithm update (advice Neil Patel uses himself).

– 7:07 How to spend a marketing budget efficiently.

– 8:01 The role of backlinks in helping you rank #1 on Google in 2020 and beyond.

– Plus much more!!!

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