Fb Web page search engine optimization – Learn how to Optimize Your Fb Enterprise Web page For Search Engine Rating #Bangla

by    SEO   Thursday, June 25th, 2020

Facebook Page SEO – Best Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page For Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing Ranking. Subscribe My YouTube Channel:

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If you want you can do SEO for your business page. First of all, it helps you to get some free likes and free sales.

Why it is Important?
If someone searches a keyword regarding your business. There is a chance to appear on your Facebook page on google search. Same way if someone searches a keyword on Facebook and you optimized your page properly they can get your page easily.

Here are the five best tips to optimize your Facebook page for google, yahoo, bing search.

Select the Best Name: Select a name that represents your business name, If it is possible to add a keyword with your name.

Claim Your vanity URL: If possible add your business name on the user section it will be your vanity URL.

Use keywords on your Short Description: Optimize your short description with proper keyword.

Create some Backlinks: This so important to create some backlinks for your business. You can create a backlink from your website. Youtube channel.

Status Update regularly: Facebook unpublished the inactive pages. So make sure your status updates regularly.

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