Fiverr Backlinks: How I Obtained Scammed [Honest Review With Proofs]

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Fiverr Backlinks: How I Obtained Scammed [Honest Review With Proofs]


Buying links for SEO purposes on Fiverr can be a time-saving job as all you need to do is find the right seller, order the gig and get the job done. However, sometimes, things may look much different than it sounds.

This incident happened recently to me when I ordered a particular gig which promised to do a guest post by manual outreach. This is my second time ordering from this seller as the first time went very well and he was able to secure good placement.

However, this time, as soon as I accepted his delivery, the link was removed from the guest post article. I went ahead and contacted the seller in which he promised to replace the link, but no luck.

I went ahead and contacted the support team but also, was not satisfied with the help. In fact, the support team said they couldn’t do anything and the whole conversation made it feel like I also got scammed by the support.

Watch the video now to understand the full information of how I got scammed by the Fiverr seller and support team.